CEO/ Visionary

Tanielle L.A. Brown, LCMHCS, NCC, BC-TMH, RRT Psychotherapist/Life Coach

I am Mrs. Tanielle L.A. Brown, the founder and visionary leader behind
Eclectic Therapeutic Connections Inc. With a profound passion for mental
health and a commitment to holistic healing, I've spent 28 years dedicated
to changing lives.

A relentless pursuit of innovative and practical approaches to mental
well-being has defined my journey in psychotherapy. At Eclectic Therapeutic
Connections, we bring together the best of evidence-based modalities and
personalized care.

My expertise spans diverse therapeutic methodologies honed over decades of
practice. I offer a unique blend of Eclectic Therapy, integrating
techniques from various schools of thought to address each client's unique
needs. Recently, I've incorporated Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT),
Seeking Safety, Exposure Therapy, and Motivational Enhancement, among
others, to provide comprehensive and effective support.

My clinical philosophy is rooted in compassion and skill development.
Therapy extends beyond scheduled sessions, encompassing skill coaching and
unwavering support to motivate clients.

Clients seeking my services are not just looking for a therapist; they are
searching for a trusted partner to build resilience, navigate challenges,
and find a safe space to heal and grow.

At Eclectic Therapeutic Connections, we offer more than therapy; we offer
transformation. Our commitment is to guide you toward a life where trauma,
obstacles, and crossroads are met with courage, resilience, and empowerment.

I invite you to explore our services and embark on a journey of
self-discovery and healing. Together, we will create a path to a balanced,
harmonious, and fulfilled life.

  Adapt & Overcome with Tanielle Brown

Ms. Brown is a certified life coach. Coaching is a powerful interactive process that helps individuals to develop personally and professionally more rapidly and produce more satisfying and fulfilling results. Ms. Brown often weekly sessions to work on areas in client's life that includes personal development, business, career, finances, health, and relationships.



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